Covington Movers Company is capable of handling your long distance move with the same attention, care, and expertise that our local moving customers have grown to expect. Our family has been in the moving business since 1956 so you have the peace of mind knowing you hired a company that has been moving families for many years.

Here are a few advantages of hiring Covington Movers Company for your next Long Distance move:

We provide honest estimates with no surprises and don’t hesitate to provide guaranteed pricing.

Professional staff, late model equipment and award winning service.

Familiar faces. When the truck arrives to unload your furniture you will see familiar faces. These guys will be part or all of the crew that loaded your furniture. This is a very important part of a successful move and you would be surprised to know that this is not the norm with many movers. Many low-cost movers save money by having the driver pick up help in local cities which is likely untrained and character or background unknown.

Starting a new job and need your stuff in a hurry? We cater to customers that want direct service opposed to the 2-18 day delivery window common with most major van lines.

We also offer weekend pick-up and delivery dates at no extra charge. Additional charges are also common for this service with most major van lines.

Contact us today for a free no obligation estimate.